Toca Lab: Elements App Reviews

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Ok I guess

Get it you want too. Its not the best because it tells you almost exactly what to do.

I Love It!

This game is great for younger kids and older ones! My younger sister and I play this all the time! Its also a great way to introduce kids to science! I also let other kids I know play it and all Ive gotten was great feedback from them! I recommend this game to all kids of all ages!

Great way to introduce kids to science.

I know game is not scientifically accurate but my daughter still loves it. She completed the whole game and she was so happy. After play Toca Lab she is now interested in doing her own experiments and discovering new things. I gave it 4 stars because it would be great to have the elements full name available and not just the abbreviation, otherwise its a great game and thanks for introducing my 4 year old into science.

Toca science

I love this game and the toca life games but I thing you guys at toca should make a toca life farm game it would be awesome!


This games a lot of fun! It says ages 6-8 but Im 13 and I love it

This is terrible

I wanted to learn about elements but instead i became dum this is not accurate but it is the worst app ever

I just want to share advice.

Toca Boca! We meet again. Listen, you know how youve updated Tb kitchen 2 and toca hair salon 2? Lets just say, I read that the update is related to iOS devices, and new stuff are on iPad pros and got upset because I have a I pad mini. Can I just say 4 words? THATS WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. So if you can be so nice,sweet, and generous to also put that so called awesome new update on iPad minis too? Youll get 4 more stars!


I bought this game so I could play when I was really bored and I feel like its a waste of money. Theres not even anything once you finish it, and I finished it an hour after I bought it. But it does entertain a little bit depending on the age group.


I like it but I wish that they could tell me where the project stands for.


My son loves this game even though it isnt as scientific or educational. He would like an update (or perhaps a toca lab 2) that has new element characters, more experiments, and provides more information.

Why is everyone jacking on this game????

This game deserves more than five stars. I dont get why everyone hates it, and for all the peeps who say that its "unrealistic", well DUH! What are they going to do, cram their brains with facts about the elements? The thing that I love is how all the elements connect, and I like splitting them apart with chemicals. Good job, Toca Boca!

I luv it!!!!!!!!!!

I totally love this game but it hasnt been updated for about 3 months and I was wondering when the next update will be out?!?!?!?

Fun, but ...

It needs more education about the element like when you touch the clipboard it should give you a fact about the element. Still a good game


This is so boring its just a SoCal of go thats your done with that one go again


I can get in but after the intro it snaps out immediately.

Very fun but unrealistic

I really think that this game is beautiful and charming but it is not real science. I do understand that these are for kids but we dont want them to get false information about how elements work. I also think it would be great if you give more information about the elements like there actual names and not abbreviations, and maybe an example of where can find them (For example, Helium is in most balloons). One last thing is that once you finish the game its pretty much useless, so I think you could either lower the price to 0.99 cents or add some new features to the game. But even though there are some complaints, it is a really entertaining game for 1.5 hours and does have some educational values for kids.

Really Great App!

I really like this game. Super fun and enjoyable, but I wish there was a new update where there where new tools or something. When you discover all the elements what are you supposed to do? Delete the game and re-download it?

I like the game, but it wont let me play

It was working for the first 2-3 days of having it, then when I got really far into it, it wont let me in anymore, I open it and it just shuts me back out, and I dont want to delete it because I have it almost done.


All of these games seem so fun, but instead of having just a couple of games in a bundle I was wondering if you could make a bundle with all the apps for like $10.99 that would be great please take this suggestion

Not good

This game wasnt good and I beat it in less than 8 hours. The idea was great and the graphics but boring and short

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